L&J Investment Properties builds on a long and successful track record in real estate to enable homebuyers, investors and realtors to take advantage of extraordinary opportunities in today’s market. We identify distressed properties and transform them into high-value residences at affordable prices in the working class neighborhoods of San Diego. Everyone benefits.

  • Homebuyers – gain exclusive opportunities to buy beautifully renovated homes at affordable prices. These properties become the most attractive homes in every neighborhood!

  • Sellers – have the opportunity to work with our investment company to sell distressed properties. We develop solutions allowing them to avoid foreclosures.

  • Investors - earn exceptional returns at reduced risk because of our ability to create value by targeting and renovating properties. We delivered double-digit returns in 2009.

  • Realtors – realize opportunities to market and sell homes of unusual value in San Diego neighborhoods. We work closely with real estate brokers and agents to give buyers what they seek.

  • Communities - gain from the improved quality of housing in working class San Diego neighborhoods.



L&J Investment Properties targets residential properties for turn-around and resale in the short- and long-term, adding substantial value for homebuyers, investors and realtors, while benefiting San Diego County communities. We seek to create profitable opportunities for buyers, build wealth for our investors and add value to local communities by turning depressed properties into the most beautiful homes in the neighborhood.


We create win-win situations for our buyers, investors and strategic partners by producing quality properties, while also helping distressed sellers. We are deeply committed to ensuring that everyone involved gains value in the transaction and is satisfied with the outcome. We build strong, loyal relationships with our employees by being fair and treating them with dignity and respect. We are comfortable with the people that we work with and strive to contribute to their success, as well as the economic well-being of the areas that we serve.