As the son of a successful real estate investor who owns shopping mall properties throughout the United States, Zack Lawrence was exposed to the industry from an early age. While he travelled across the country with his father, Lawrence observed the business side of real estate ownership, amassing a wealth of knowledge, including an understanding of square foot rates, triple net charges and other intricacies of the industry. After graduating from The University of Redlands with a degree in business, Lawrence embarked on a real estate career in a community he knew well: San Diego, California. He sought a business partner who shared his desire not only to acquire property to rehabilitate and turn over, but also to build a business that produced long-term value. Together Lawrence and John Jamison, a long-time family friend, founded L&J Investment Properties in April 2003. Since then, they established Prospect Point Realty in June 2005, a real estate brokerage company, and have bought and sold real estate ranging from single-family homes and condominiums to commercial properties.

A construction worker turned real estate entrepreneur, John Jamison has developed three thriving real estate companies: L&J Investment Properties in April 2003, a company that buys and sells residential and commercial real estate; LLC in 1998, an investment company that purchases single- family and multi-family dwellings; Prospect Point Realty in June 2005, a real estate brokerage company; and Prospect Point Financial in June 2005, a mortgage brokerage company. During the last nine years, Jamison has bought and sold more than $18 million of real estate. He has also helped launch the careers of many successful real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Aside from long experience in the industry, Jamison has also trained in real estate investment. In addition, he has been a real estate investment coach for Mentor Financial Group, an organization that mentors students who want to gain knowledge of real estate investing. Jamison lives in San Diego, California with his wife and two daughters. Among his passions are coaching his daughters’ softball teams and actively participating in community charitable endeavors.


L&J Investment Properties targets residential properties for turn-around and resale in the short- and long-term, adding substantial value for homebuyers, investors and realtors, while benefiting San Diego County communities. We seek to create profitable opportunities for buyers, build wealth for our investors and add value to local communities by turning depressed properties into the most beautiful homes in the neighborhood.


We create win-win situations for our buyers, investors and strategic partners by producing quality properties, while also helping distressed sellers. We are deeply committed to ensuring that everyone involved gains value in the transaction and is satisfied with the outcome. We build strong, loyal relationships with our employees by being fair and treating them with dignity and respect. We are comfortable with the people that we work with and strive to contribute to their success, as well as the economic well-being of the areas that we serve.