L&J Investment Properties and its investors are in the perfect place at the perfect time to invest in and profit from real estate in general, and our targeted properties in particular. Currently there is a large market for the type of depressed and distressed properties that we seek, and the competition is limited.

Investors in properties redeveloped by L&J typically realize double digit returns with our strategic approach to targeting and renovating properties for resale. Investors have the opportunity to fund multi-property deals with an average turnover period of approximately six months per property. The return on investment rate by property varies, depending on the type of property, type of funding, and holding period. We are able to yield double digit returns for our investors.

This is a safe and secure investment opportunity with a strong rate of return. Execution of the proposed strategy will give us the type of flexibility needed to secure and turn over real estate properties much faster and at a better price than is currently possible. In addition, L&J homebuyers will benefit greatly from superior service and improved financial outcomes. All considered, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.