Trust deeds offer a creative real estate investing avenue to clients looking for high-yield income investments. Whether you want to bolster your savings or are exploring options for earning retirement income, investing in trust deeds is an excellent way to earn double-digit returns on your investment. If you are new to income investing through trust deeds, let the experts at L&J investment Properties introduce you to first trust deed investing. With L&J, we invest your money exclusively to purchase properties. You need have no fears that your investment will be used for any other purpose or with a third-party client whom you may not know.






L&J Investment Properties is a Company dedicated to the acquisition and redevelopment of real estate. We work directly with individuals that seek an investment alternative, to whom we offer a double digit annualized return secured by a Deed Of Trust against property.






A Deed Of Trust (similar to a mortgage) is the document recorded on a specific property at the County Recorder's Office, encumbering the property with a lien. You receive this Deed Of Trust at closing, and it serves as collateral for your Promissory Note, which you also receive at closing.





  • Promissory Note, which defines the terms of our agreement. It serves as the legal "I-O-U" for
    the transaction.

  • 1st Position Deed of Trust, which puts the house as collateral for your loan.

  • Title Insurance, which states there are no judgments, loans, or liens.

  • Hazard Insurance, fully insured property with you listed as the loss payee.

  • Equity Buildup, as a result of our property renovation/remodel.

  • Asset Protection, in the form of two tangible assets - the land and house.